Why to Invest in SIP

Why to Invest in SIP

SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is an investment plan to invest a fixed amount of money regularly like daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. SIP Mutual Fund investment plans are the simple and better way of investing in shares & stocks indirectly. Prefixed amount of money is auto-debited through NACH Mandate from your designated bank account and you become holder of certain number units as per the Net asset Value. SIP Plans can help us achieve various feat in life like Higher Education by SIP, Marriage Planning with SIP, Retirement Planning through SIP & Purchasing own house through SIP.

The best way to start investing in SIP is contacting a financial planner who will suggest you the best SIP plans & funds based on your goals and financial needs. Never buy SIP or mutual funds on your own.

Investing in SIP through financial advisor will help you maximize gains and minimize risk. Financial advisor will help you with portfolio management, redemption, maturity, tax statement, switching etc. Financial advisor are licensed by AMFI has an edge over others thereby helping your portfolio to outperform.

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