SIP Mutual Funds India – Retirement Planning, Education Planning, House Purchase, Marriage & Tax Saving.

HDFC Mutual Fund SIP

Rs. 4000 SIP per month has given appox Rs. 84 lakhs in the last 20 years @ 18.2% CAGR in best performing growth fund. Total Investment Rs.9.6 lakhs and returns 84 lakhs. Start your Marriage SIP today.

Mirae Mutual Fund SIP

Rs. 10000 SIP per month has given appox Rs. 16.45 Crores in last 20 years @ 30.5 % CAGR in Bluechip growth fund. Total Investment Rs.24 lakhs and returns 16.45 crores. Purchase your New House with SIP…

DSP Mutual Fund SIP

Rs. 8000 SIP per month has given appox Rs. 2.73 Crores since last 20 years @ 21.2% CAGR in best tax saver growth fund. Total Investment Rs.19.2 lakhs and returns 2.73 crores. Start your Retirement SIP today.

Buy Reliance Mutual Fund

Lumpsum Rs. 5 lakhs one time investment has given you appox Rs. 4.25 Crores in last 20 years @ 25.8 % CAGR in value growth fund. Total Investment Rs.5 lakhs and returns 4.25 crores. Start your Kids Education SIP today.

Buy Mutual Funds and Bring home peace of mind

Mutual Funds Hai Toh Sahi Kyu Hai ?

High Returns

Get long term 12 to 20 % CAGR Returns

Tax Free

Get Tax free Capital gain returns upto 1 lakh.


Invest in top companies through MF & diversify your risk.


SIP starts from as low as Rs. 500 per month.

Professional Approach

Fund managers monitor market & economy to generate profits.

Liquidity Ease

Encash Mutual funds & avail fast money same day.

Reviews and Recommendation from our esteem clients.

Mutual Funds Investment – HDFC Mutual Fund, Best Mutual Funds.

Top Mutual Funds

Best Cherry Picked Performing Funds

After analyzing each customers goals & requirement we only Suggest 3 to 5 funds to our clients out of 50 schemes. These schemes will give around 12-18% CAGR returns. Invest now for better growth and future.

Top Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds Investment – Reliance Mutual Fund, Sbi Mutual Fund

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management Services – PMS

Portfolio Management Service is a tailor made professional service offered to cater the investments objective of different investor classes. The Investment solutions provided by PMS cater to a niche segment of clients. Portfolio management service provides professional management of your investments to create wealth.

Portfolio Management Services

Mutual Funds hai toh Bilkul Sahi Hai

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